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Chinese Curry dish ready to serve

Make Tasty and Authentic Chinese Curry and Gravy at Home with our Pastes!

Looking for quick and delicious meals with that authentic Chinese flavour? Try the curry paste, gravy paste or kebab house sauce from W.D Foods in Bangor now!

Traditional recipes, passed on through generations to bring you exquisite flavour!

W.D Foods, in Bangor, provide delectable homemade Chinese gravy pastes and curries for everyone in Northern Ireland. Made from our traditional family recipes, passed on through the generations, our food products are one-of-a-kind and impart authentic oriental flavours to your homemade dishes.

Not only are our curry pastes and gravy pastes, super tasty, they are also great quality, easy to make and suitable for vegetarians! Find out for yourself just why our pastes and sauces have been going strong since 1960 and why they have become a well-established and popular product throughout Bangor and all of Northern Ireland.

Chinese Curry Paste

Made from a secret family recipe, the Chinese curry paste from W.D Foods adds a refreshing flavour to all food items. You can mix it with meat products, vegetables and rice to make a variety of dishes. Our curry paste also goes well as a dip for chips and crisps!

We make meal times easy and give authentic flavour, all you have to do is add 5 parts cold water to 1 part paste, boil the mixture and let it simmer for 3 minutes (with continuous stirring for a smooth consistency). Then add your choice of vegetables, meat or fish!

Chinese Gravy Paste

Our onion and garlic based Chinese gravy paste is a delight for the taste buds. It is a highly versatile ingredient which can be used in a stew or over a pie. You can now have a fabulous Sunday roast dinner with aromatically flavoured Chinese gravy paste from W.D Foods.

We know your friends and family will be delighted with the taste of our Chinese style gravy, it's simple to make and tastes delicious! All of our pastes are easy to store (in a cool, dry place, below 20˚C). Try it for yourself today!

Kebab House Sauce

The W.D Foods Kebab House Sauce was first developed and bottled in 2012. Since then it has grown to be one of our most popular products, used in many homes and takeaways throughout Bangor and Northern Ireland!

Our House Sauce is perfect in kebabs or over chips or can simply be used as a dipping sauce! It can be added to meat, chips, vegetables, or rice and is also suitable for vegetarians! Why not try it for yourself and find out why we are the popular choice for flavour when it comes to that authentic takeaway taste!

Chicken Curry

"I wanted to compliment you on the Kebab House Sauce, which now is used in my house more than Heinz Tomato, which gives you some idea of its standing here! "

Make Tasty and Innovative Recipes with Tasty Food Products from W.D Foods in Bangor

Our aim is to help you make meal times easy, whilst still being delicious and exciting! We help you to create authentic takeaway tastes at home. Our curry paste is so popular in the Belfast area that it is referred to as 'The Belfast Curry'!

Our products go well with all food ingredients and homemade food recipes. All you have to do is mix our curries and pastes with meat, rice or vegetables to get authentic oriental dishes that will delight and impress the tastebuds of both family and friends. We welcome recipe ideas and tips, and we are proud to be part of a wonderful community that includes our customers at home and in takeaway shops across Northern Ireland. Check out this recipe and testimonial from one of our valued customers:

“Work colleague has relatives in Bangor and he brought a tub of the curry sauce back for me. (I had tried a sample of his homemade curry previously). I made some the other night, and it is the business! Authentic curry sauce. Absolutely delicious. For those that might be interested this is what I did:


Fried-off diced chicken with an onion and put to one side. Into a wok went chopped mushrooms, water chestnuts, bamboo shoots, sliced carrot, chopped baby corn and some peas with some boiling water.


Simmered for about 5 minutes and then added a tub of curry paste, stirring all the time. I kept adding boiling the water till I got the right consistency and then added the chicken and onion. As I like quite hot curry, I added some chilli flakes too and served with noodles.


It was so good. It makes plenty so I froze what I didn't use.”

To Find Out More About Our Curry Paste, Gravy Paste or Kebab House Sauce, Contact W.D Foods In Bangor,
Call 028 9147 8519 or 07813 962485

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